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  • Monthly salary between 18,000 – 28,000RMB

  • Housing allowance between 2,000 – 3,000RMB

  • Flight bonus between 5,000 – 8,000RMB

  • Holiday days – Up to 21 days personal leave

  • Performance bonus up to one month’s salary

  • Re-sign bonus up to 1.5 months’ salary

  • Most companies will reimburse visa fees

  • Free Chinese classes usually offered

Teach in Xiamen: About
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Gulangyu Island
This idyllic Islet is situated off the South Western coast of Xiamen Island, just a 10-minute ferry from Dongdu Ferry Port. Easily the most eclectic location in Xiamen with intertwining British, French, Portuguese, and Japanese history. The tiny islet which used to boast 11 foreign embassies now serves as Xiamen’s premier tourist destination. Travelers from all over China flock to experience its rich history, amazing seafood, and beautiful setting. Wandering around the narrow cobblestone streets of Gulangyu one could almost forget that one of China’s most modern and up and coming cities is just a stone throw away. 

Zhongshan Road
Built in 1925 this pedestrian street is the oldest commercial street in Xiamen. Whether you’re looking to visit a local tea shop, buy souvenirs, or go shopping for the latest brands, Zhongshan Road has it all. The architecture of this street is a fusion of early 20th century European and South Asian styles that can’t be found in many other places on the Island. Full of Chinese, Taiwanese, and Western style restaurants and bars, Zhongshan Road is an attraction for locals and tourists alike. 

Xiamen Botanical Garden
This is truly one of the Islands gems. It boasts a whopping 1.8 million trees and over 4,000 different species flora. From bamboo forests, to ancient pine trees and rose gardens, Xiamen Botanical Garden truly earns its reputation as one of China’s most beautiful. An added bonus is the numerous temples within in the garden that offer a glimpse into the Buddhist philosophy and meet the eyes with stunning architecture. The best time to visit is from April to November when the climate is cooler. Arrive here before 7am and entry is free for the day!  

Teach in Xiamen: About
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