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  • Monthly salary between 17,000 – 30,000RMB

  • Housing allowance between 2,000 – 4,000RMB

  • Flight bonus between 7,000 – 9,000RMB

  • Chinese National Holidays; up to 20 holiday days

  • Performance bonuses

  • Re-sign bonus up to 1.5 months’ salary

  • Most companies will reimburse visa fees

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The Bund

Walking along the Bund is an absolute must for anyone coming to Shanghai. Sitting beside the Huangpu river, the Bund is easily one of the most popular tourist sites in Shanghai. On one side of the river lies the massive skyscrapers of the financial sector while the main section of the Bund has over 50 buildings styled with Romanesque, Gothic, or even Neo-classical architecture. It is recommended to come to the Bund at night to see the skyscrapers lit up and, if you’re lucky, perhaps even a light show displayed on the giant buildings.  

Nanjing Road

No trip to Shanghai would be complete without a shopping spree on Nanjing road. It is easily the most “touristy” place in Shanghai but for good reason; it has it all. There are stores of all kinds and many desirable restaurants that boast some of the best food in the city. Being one of the busiest shopping areas in the entire world, there will always be something to see and people to meet. Continue walking down Nanjing road and you will find yourself at the magnificent Bund with even more to explore and experience. 

Bars and Eateries

Shanghai is well known throughout the world for having some of the best food and drinks money can buy. True food lovers can visit Michelin star boasting restaurants like Ultraviolet or 8 ½ Otto E Mezzo Bombana and world class speakeasies like Speak Low and Flask. Don’t be intimidated if you’re living on a budget, Shanghai also has some of the best street food around in places like FangBang Xi Lu that hides away in the old town of Shanghai. This gem can provide a unique culinary experience with their chili tofu, steaming wontons, xiaolongbao, and much, much more. 

Teach in Shanghai: About
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