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  • Monthly salary between 18,000 – 28,000RMB

  • Housing allowance between 2,000 – 3,000RMB

  • Flight bonus between 5,000 – 8,000RMB

  • Chinese National Holidays; up to 21 days paid leave

  • Performance bonuses

  • Re-sign bonus up to 1.5 months’ salary

  • Most companies will reimburse visa fees

Teach in Beijing: About
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The Great Wall
There is perhaps no better representation of China’s storied 5000-year history than the Great Wall. Tourists from all over China and the world flock to see this marvel of ancient engineering. Living in Beijing offers one easy access to some of the best-preserved sections of the wall. The sections of the wall that draw the largest number of tourists have all been tamed and restored. However, there are still large stretches that have been left in their original state and offer an exciting expedition for adventurous hikers and campers alike. 

The Forbidden City
In the heart of China’s capital and one of the most modern cities in the world lies the largest imperial palace in the world. Completed in 1420 by the early Ming Dynasty, this place remained the seat of imperial power in ancient China for almost 500 years. Now open to the public, this impressive structure offers outsiders a glimpse into what imperial life was like in Ancient China. In addition, the forbidden city holds more than a million rare and valuable works of art, totaling one sixth of the total number of cultural relics in China. 

Wangfujing Walking Street
Beijing's premier shopping street has a lot more to offer than just the latest and greatest branded products. Some of the shops on this street have been operating for hundreds of years. For someone new to Beijing, Wangfujing Walking Street is a must. In addition to the walking street there is also an adjacent snack street with offerings of cuisine from all over China. If you're interested in trying Chinese cuisine but are not sure what to get, a place like this will give you plenty of delicious options. 

Teach in Beijing: About
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