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Why China?

There are a plethora of good places to teach around the world, so why do so many teachers end up in China? There are a few good reasons for this. First of all would be the market. China is a massive country with a high demand for foreign teachers, and a booming economy. This makes finding a good teaching job easier than it is in other countries. In addition, the average teaching salary is the highest in Asia with a comparatively low cost of living depending on where in China you go to teach. Asides from the monetary side of things China is also a beautiful, diverse, and fascinating country. From mega cities to small mountain towns, to sleepy cities on the beach, China has it all. One thing I would suggest is doing a little bit of research about the place you are considering moving to. Ask yourself what would your ideal location look like? And then go about finding jobs in a place that fits the picture you've created. Something that surprised me when I moved to China was just how easy it was to start a new life here. Yes there are cultural differences and the language can be a barrier at times, but in many ways my life in China was far more convenient that when I lived in the west. Especially the fact that paper money is almost a thing of the past here. If you want to pay for something you scan a QR code with your phone. This goes for public transport too, and even buying street food from vendor out of the back of their mobile food cart. Teaching in China will not be for everyone but from my experience it gives you the best of all worlds. When I moved to teach abroad my goal was to move somewhere that was completely foreign too me, somewhere beautiful, and somewhere where I could travel from and save money. I found all of these things in China.

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