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Top 4 Things to Know Before Moving to China

Moving to a new country can be a difficult and scary experience. China is a very unique country with a culture unlike most other countries in the world. It is important to properly prepare yourself before undertaking this adventure. Here are the top 4 things to know before moving to China.

  1. Make sure you fully understand the requirements to obtain a Chinese work visa. The visa process can be very difficult to navigate and a simple error can send you right back to the beginning. Do your research, check up on current Chinese visa laws, and make sure you have all the needed documents authenticated before sending them in to Chinese visa office.

  2. Air quality is a big thing to consider when you are choosing a Chinese city to make your new home. Many Chinese cities are massive and filled with people driving cars or working at factories, all affecting the smog in the city. Unless you plan to wear a mask every day to work, I recommend finding a city to live in that boasts clean air for its residents.

  3. Learn Chinese. Although learning English is very important for the youth in China, the vast majority of adults in China cannot speak English proficiently. You will be moving to China and it is only reasonable that you should learn the language and culture of this amazing country. Many employers provide Mandarin lessons for their teachers but it is recommended to learn basic phrases to assist you in your early times in China.

  4. China has a vast array of food choices that come from all parts of the country. That being said, you will likely not enjoy food from every city or province. That is okay, yet this doesn’t mean you don’t like Chinese food. Restaurants from all across the nation are available in nearly all Chinese cities. Try other restaurants and other dishes and I am certain you will find food you will begin to call “Hao Chi.”


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