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Kace has taught in Mainland China for nearly seven years and has taught all ages and at multiple learning institutions. Teach Around wanted to sit down and ask him a few questions about his teaching experience in China. What made you decide to move to China to teach? During college I had the chance to study abroad and see the world. Once I graduated from college, I worked a lot of odd jobs that took me all over the United States. I felt that I wanted to see and do more outside of the United States, so I decided to look into teaching. Working in China has given me the chance to pursue my dreams of seeing the world, and allowed me to do it while saving money. Moving to China has been one of the greatest things that I have ever accomplished.

What surprised you the most when you came to China?

The cultural differences are very real here and you do feel those differences very often. There are a lot of things that don’t seem normal in the United States, but at the same time work very well in China. People are just happy in their day to day lives. I was also surprised at how convenient everything is. If you want it, it is literally one click away. You can get anything from groceries, to your favorite snacks delivered to home with just a click of a button. I truly enjoy the convenience of everything here.

What tip would you give to new teachers coming to China?

Do your research before coming here. Always use a recruiter that is reliable to help you through the process of finding a job. Cities in China differ drastically a lot of times, and you should look closely into different cities before deciding which one you want to live in. Also, it is good to come with a good supply of western medicine. Some western products aren’t widely available here, so bring a good stock of it! What was the most fulfilling thing about becoming a teacher?

Deciding to become a teacher has been one of the best things I have ever done. Seeing the joy and happiness in my students’ faces makes it all worthwhile. When they finally understand a phrase or word, and are able to use it in a conversation is really fulfilling. It means the world to me knowing that I help teach young children to become their better selves.

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